Coffee Break?

From Birmingham Journal , January 16th, 1836

Mocha Coffee, at 2s. per pound

    The superiority of Mocha Coffee over every other description must be acknowledged by everyone who has tried it. Its flavour so perfectly mild and free from any property which is calculated to offend a weak stomach, particularly recommends it to invalids; and were it not for the high price at which this description has hitherto sold, there can be no doubt that its use would have long since superseded the Coffee imported from the West Indies.
At the present moment good Coffee is much enquired for and difficult to procure, unless at an extraordinary high price; this is owing to the scarcity of West India Coffee, the consumption of this article in Great Britain being greater than the Colonies can provide for.
The Mocha Coffee, and in fact every description not grown in the West Indies, pays an extra duty of three-pence per pound.  This duty has hitherto had the effect of limiting the importations to very small quantities, but the high price to which West India Coffee has now advanced, brings the Mocha and East India into the market on nearly the same footing.
I beg to state that I have made a large purchase in Mocha Coffee; of its quality I will leave the public to judge. The price is Two Shillings per pound. I have only to invite a trial, resting assured that a trial will convince every person of its superiority over every other kind imported into this country,
                                                               No. 14, High-Street, Birmingham
The richness of Coffee depends almost entirely on the manner in which it is made. It ought never to be boiled. Boiling water poured over the Coffee gradually is the proper method. But those who are very choice in this article should use “Parker’s Patent Coffee Pot“; the plan is most admirable, it being more properly the essence of the coffee, extracted by steam made to pass through the “grounds” and then condensing; thus preserving the flavour and strength to a perfection unattainable by any other method. Another recommendation is, that it cannot by carelessness or any other cause be made bad. I have one of these Coffee -pots by me, and shall be happy to show it to any person. I do not sell them, but can procure them of any size to order.



One thought on “Coffee Break?

  1. Not knowing much about coffee the best description I can find of Mocha is from Coffee Review…

    Seems JR Andrew must have had a Birmingham outlet in High Street but his main concern was JR Andrews & Co…The Tea Establishment…21/22 Dame St, Dublin, and operated until at least to 1895.

    Description of firm from “Industries of Dublin…1887″…

    …Andrews & Co., Tea and ‘Wine Merchants, Dame Street, Dublin.—The old-established and highly esteemed house of Messrs. Andrews & Co., wholesale and retail grocers, tea and wine merchants, and general purveyors, of Nos. 19, 20, 21, and 22, Dame Street, Dublin, is the most prominent and important in its own particular line in the metropolis. In fact, it might fairly be called one of its institutions, from the ni.ignitude and the usefulness of the trade carried on by this house. The firm was established about lifty years ago….

    The Company appeared on Dublin farthing…

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