A Porcine Adventure

Report from the Birmingham Daily Post, January 18th 1858

Birmingham Police Court

Before Mr Kynnersley and Mr Phillips

A Porcine Adventure:-  A rough looking young fellow named William Bennett, living at the Worcester Wharf, was charged with being concealed on the premises of John Sheldon, a labouring man, residing in Cheapside, with intent to commit a felony.  Sheldon said that he was awakened by his “Missis” between one and two o’clock in the morning, in consequence of a noise in the pigstye, and on going down to ascertain the cause, he found he prisoner lying in the stye in the comfortable straw bed that had been made up for the pigs on the previous evening. The animals themselves had been turned out of their quarters, and were grunting their discontent in the yard. Sheldon naively observed to the Bench that he believed that if he had not so opportunely discovered the intruder his pigs “would have gone in no time”. The Magistrates appeared to take a similar view of the matter and committed the prisoner to the House of Correction for seven days.

At the same session:

A Couple of House Robbers:- William Smith and Maria Gill who cohabit together in Woodcock Street were placed at the bar charged with having in their possession a quantity of household goods, wearing apparel, and other articles, the produce of some of the innumerable house robberies that have taken place of late in all quarters of the town. The prisoners were apprehended on Friday night by Detective-officers Palmer and Clarke, and the house being searched a heap of bed linen, half a dozen chairs, a clock, and other property were found.  A portion of these were identified by Mrs Coley, a married woman, living in Sheep Street, whose house was entered by means of skeleton keys during her absence and robbed on the 21st ult.  The prisoners were therefore remanded until tomorrow, for the production of evidence in other charges against them.


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