‘A well seasoned tippler’

Birmingham Police Court

On Saturday October 9th, 1858, before magistrate William Lucy,

A well-seasoned tippler.- The notorious Barbara Colman was placed at the bar charged, as usual, with being “drunk and disorderly”. She was described as of Fox Street, hawker, and this was nearly her hundredth appearance before the Magistrates. Today she said she did not know how it was; “when I’m ill, I keep sober, but when I get well, then I go off drinking.” What were the Magistrates to do? Sending her to gaol was of no avail. The old stager put in a novel appeal: Please your worship, I was going to be married.” This from a lass who owns to sixty-eight was too much for one’s gravity, and amidst the general laughter, Barbara was discharged, and in gratitude for this she said, “I’ll ask you all to the wedding!”

This item was taken from Birmingham Daily Post, October 11th 1858.  Available to view by subscription to the British Newspaper Archives. Birmingham’s historical newspapers can also be viewed free of charge in Local Studies at the Library of Birmingham, 4th floor – please support our local libraries and archives.


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