‘A pawnbroker heavily fined’: July 16th 1885

Birmingham Police Court

Thursday July 16th, 1885
Before Messrs. Kynnersley (stipendiary), Cook and Harris

A pawnbroker heavily fined:- John Taylor (8), schoolboy, was charged with stealing three shirts. On the 28th ult., prisoner went to Mrs. Murcott, who keeps a mangle, and asked for three shirts belonging to his mother. The shirts were given to him in the belief that they belonged to his mother. Prisoner pawned the shirts the same day with Mrs. Mary Hall, pawnbroker, Farm Street. Prisoner was discharged with a caution. – The pawnbroker was charged with receiving the shirts from Taylor, he being under the age of 12. Taylor was put in the witness box and stated that he took the shirts to Mrs. Hall’s shop and the assistant named Mary Leighton took them in pledge. Witness added that he regularly pledged goods with Mrs. Hall. – A fine of £5 with costs was imposed (on Hall)

This item was taken from The Birmingham Daily Post dated July 17th, 1885. Local newspapers are available to view online by subscription to the British Newspaper Archive and on microfilm, free of charge, at the Local Studies Centre, 4th floor, Library of Birmingham. Birmingham Archives are currently under threat from council cutbacks – please support our local public resources – updates on Twitter via @FoLoB_ (Friends of the Library of Birmingham)


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