An Irishwoman Expressing Her Hatred of the Late Mr. Murphy

This report from the Police Court appeared in the Birmingham Daily Post on March 18th 1872. There is no indication of who Mr. Murphy might have been, or what he did to arouse such a passion in Marie Mooney.

Before Messrs. J. Jaffray, G.B. Lloyd, T. Avery and W. Holiday

An Irishwoman expressing her hatred of the late Mr. Murphy.- Marie Mooney, Fox Street, was charged with being drunk and disorderly in Coleshill Street on Friday night. Police Constable Phillips said the prisoner was standing near the Concert Hall in a very intoxicated state. She was shouting loudly at the top of her voice “Hurrah! Murphy is dead; d_ him, and a good job too! May he go to __ . By the Holy Saint Patrick, may an Irishwoman’s curse follow him!” She was very noisy and drew a large concourse of people around her and he had to take her into custody before the crowd would disperse. The prisoner who was meek, and very submissive whilst in the dock, expressed her regret. The Magistrates fined her 2s 6d and costs, or seven days in default.


2 thoughts on “An Irishwoman Expressing Her Hatred of the Late Mr. Murphy

  1. This must refer to William Murphy who died 12th March 1872, and was buried in Key Hill Cemetery. He gave his name to the anti-Catholic ‘Murphy Riots’ of 1867.

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