Factory Act prosecutions 1873

At the Birmingham Police Court, Friday February 21st 1873:

Before Messrs. T.C.S. Kinnersley (stipendiary), S. Thornton, G. Goodrick and C. Sturge

Factory Act prosecutions: – Messrs. Newey Brothers, hook and eye manufacturers of Brearley Street, were summoned at the instance of Mr. Hoare, inspector of factories, for employing a young woman named Elizabeth Brown, without having required a surgical certificate from her. A second summons charged the defendants with employing Sarah Galleford without having registered her name. Mr. Rutter for the defendants pleaded guilty and a fine of 20s and costs was imposed in each case. – Messrs. Fulford and Beddows, printers, Newhall Street, were summoned for employing a boy named John Jones for more than six and a half hours per day. Mr. Bowling, factory inspector, proved that on the 13th inst. the boy, who was twelve years of age, worked from 8:30 a.m. until 7 p.m.  The defendants, who pleaded guilty, were fined 20s and costs. The father of the boy was ordered to pay costs for neglecting to send his son to school. – Messrs. Barr and Sons, umbrella furniture makers of Edmund Street, appeared in answer to seven summonses charging them with employing children without surgical certificates. The defendants pleaded guilty, but urged in extenuation, that manufacturers should not be put to the expense of obtaining surgical certificates for their employees, and further that a fresh certificate should not be required every time a boy obtained a new situation. Defendants were fined 20s and the costs of four of the cases, and ordered to pay the costs in the others.  Joseph Griffiths, father of one of the boys, was ordered to pay the costs for neglecting to send his child to school.


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