Laidlaw’s Copyright Christmas and New Year Novelties

From Aris’s Birmingham Gazette, December 24th 1865.


Never do we remember having seen so many exquisite novelties as are this year offered to the public, in the shape of Christmas presents and articles for the decoration of the Christmas tree &c., &c. Mr. Laidlaw has issued, amongst a variety of novelties, “an invisible mirror”, which is a very artistically designed bijou fairy casket in which, on pulling out a drawer to its full extent, an oval top ascends and discloses a magic mirror, underneath which is a removable panoramic scene with a space for a carte de viste; emitting at the same time the choicest of the perfumes of Araby, the fragrant and the beautiful.

We have also from the same manufactory (3, Bury Court, E.C.) a profusion of recherché  Christmas tree ornaments; also three sheets of comic heads and characters of twenty-five of famed London’s funny celebrities, which will afford a Christmas party ample joking facilities for half the evening. Perfumed panoramas; photo-sachets, intended evidently from the very pretty style in which they are got up, for very special portraits only. The will-o’-the-wisp paper, with a variety of novel parlour fireworks, with sensational names; but to avoid creating any feelings of alarm in the breast of mamma, the maker guarantees them free from gunpowder and quite harmless; whilst they produce wonder in the minds of the young, and philosophical conjectures as to their peculiar component parts from papa.

A variety of comic cards, with appropriate verses, for Christmas, the New Year or Valentine’s day, have also been issued by the same house, to which ample sources of fun and amusement we now refer our readers


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