Bye-laws for the regulation of the Market Hall, 1835

At a meeting of the Street Commissioners held on March 4th, 1835, the following bye-laws for the regulation of the recently opened market hall were presented MS 28181/1/6 Library of Birmingham: Archives, Heritage and Photography

  1. Open for business every day, except Sunday etc. as previously outlined*
  2. Closing of the Hall to be indicated by the ringing of the Market Bell half an hour before closing and again at the time of closing. Every person continuing therein could be fined 10 shillings for each and every half hour
  3. All stalls, standings, bins and tables provided by the Street Commissioners and no person permitted to add to them. No carts, hand-carts or wheelbarrows to be brought into the Hall – penalty of 10 shillings
  4. No hawking or carrying about any article for sale – 10 shilling fine
  5. Items for sale to be placed on the appropriated place and not on crates, baskets, boxes or sacks – 5 shilling fine
  6. Every person taking a stall or standing shall occupy the same by himself or herself, or by some part of his or her family or by his or her own servant and shall not underlet the same – 10 shilling fine per day
  7. Failure to pay rent would result in repossession and re-let
  8. No dogs allowed in the Market Hall
  9. Damage done to Market Hall or to lighting therein – 10 shilling fine in addition to cost of repairs
  10. Stalls and areas around them to be kept free from litter
  11. Vegetables and other things may not be washed after 9am – 5 shilling fine
  12. No smoking of tobacco in the Hall – 5 shilling fine
  13. Poultry plucking not permitted – 5 shilling fine
  14. Unloading of goods to take place in Bell Street, Worcester Street and the end of Philip Street as far as the first gate and not elsewhere. No goods to be carried through the High Street entrance – 10 shilling fine

* at a meeting on February 2nd, 1835 (same manuscript), the Market Committee had proposed the above bye-laws for the consideration of the Street Commissioners – the opening times were presented there as:

  • Market Hall to be open every day except Sunday at 6am from Lady Day to Michaelmas and at 8am from Michaelmas to Lady Day and will close every day, except Saturdays, at 11pm – the close to be announced by the ringing of a bell

Lady Day and Michaelmas are two of the four traditional ‘quarter days’ (the others being Christmas day and Midsummer’s day) – Lady Day falls on March 25th and Michaelmas on September 29th


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