Letter to the editor on the recent visit of Prince Albert

The tour of Birmingham manufactories by Prince Albert in November 1843 included a visit to Armfield’s button manufactory.  The following letter to the editor appeared in Aris’s Birmingham Gazette of December 4th, 1843.

To the Editor of Aris’s Birmingham Gazette
We beg to correct, through the medium of your widely circulated newspaper,  an error which has crept into the reports of Prince Albert’s visit to Birmingham.  The Times of Thursday contains the following statement:- “The button manufactory of Mr Edward Armfield was the next object of interest, &c. It was somewhat singular that the Prince, as if by anticipation, on this occasion wore Birmingham buttons of Mr. Armfield’s make.” This is incorrect; the buttons the Prince wore having been made by us, and presented to his Royal Highness when a deputation waited upon him two years since to solicit his patronage. The mistake in the report arose from his Royal Highness, when looking over the specimens in Mr. Armfield’s warehouse, recognizing a pattern which he occasionally wore.
Your obedient servants
Hardmans and Iliffe

12, Paradise-street December 2, 1843


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