A night at the Town Hall – arriving

Each year Birmingham’s Town Hall hosted a grand fund raising event, run over several nights, to raise money for the General Hospital. In fact this important fund-raiser had been one of the motivating factors in building the Town Hall in the first place. This extract featured in Aris’s Birmingham Gazette of August 24th, 1846 and reveals some of  the remarkable planning that went into organising the festival.

Directions to be observed by parties attending the performances

Carriages will set down and take up in Single Lines as under:- Those taking company to or from the Galleries and the Secured Seats on the floor of the Hall will come up the North side of New-street and through the barrier on the same side, setting down with their horses’ heads towards the Navigation Office in Paradise-street or turning down the south side of New-street.

Those taking company to or from the Unsecured Seats on the floor of the Hall will come along the west side of Ann-street.

Gentlemen on horse back and servants with horses will approach and leave the Hall as above mentioned.

If when a carriage arrives at the Door of the Hall, the coachman, having the name of his party previously written on a card, will deliver it to one of the Police Officers stationed opposite the Door of the Hall, he will then call the party; which announcement will be repeated by Officers stationed at the Doors of the Hall and also in the Lobby upstairs.

No carriage can be allowed to stand more than two minutes at the Doors.

Carriages required to take away company prior to the conclusion of the performances will be allowed to pass the barrier until within half an hour of the close of the performances but every carriage allowed to so pass can only remain two minutes at the Town Hall Doors; and if the party do not come out within that time, it must drive off and move to the rear of the whole line of carriages.


Note: The situation of the barriers erected in the approaches to the Town Hall and Theatre may be seen in plans at most of the principal hotels and inns in Birmingham

These regulations will be strictly enforced by the Police and Gentlemen are earnestly requested to order their Coachmen to comply therewith in order to prevent inconvenience.


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